About Us

Scott R. Henry and Luly Soto, where they love to be.
Scott and Luly

Scott R. Henry and Luly Soto


Scott has been hand shaping surfboards since his early teens, spending hours perfecting his craft and making unique and beautiful boards.


Luly handles a lot of the ordering and delivery for the boards while Scott is busy shapping, both have a profound love for surfing that brought them together.


You can find Scott and Luly either at the shop, or hitting the beach.

All the surfboards are handcrafted by a small band of artisans who've dedicated their whole lives to perfecting the unique art of making surfboards. No shaping machines! Hand-crafted! No surfing media puppets! No corporate soul! Shoobie Doobie

New Short Board, custom hand shapped surfboard.
Scott having some fun showing off a custom new board.